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[Portuguese pirarucú, from Tupí pirá-rucú : pirá, fish + urucú, red.]


(Animals) another name for arapaima
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I see people fishing, people in paddle canoes or motor canoes, and I see a multitude of fish species including tambaqui and pirarucu," says Leila Salazar-Lopez, program director with Amazon Watch, an environmental organization waging a battle to stop construction of the Belo Monte clam in northeastern Brazil.
The arapaima or pirarucu [both Web3] is a large South American food fish.
Owing to this myth, the species is embedded in the imaginations of the local Amazonians and is still referred to by the Brazilians as Pirarucu.
However, before he gets to cast his line for the pirarucu, he must head deep into the jungle in search of a much smaller but far deadlier fish - the notorious black piranha.
At the early morning fish market, he spots an extraordinary variety of unusual fish, including the legendary pirarucu.
It took us a couple of days to easily differentiate these pink beauties from the enormous pirarucu fish, considered by many to be the world's largest freshwater fish.
Uso de enzimas digestivas exo' genas na alimentac, ano do pirarucu, Arapaima gigas (Cuvier, 1829).
Tolerancia de juvenis de pirarucu ao aumento da concentracao de amonia em ambiente confinado.
Previously, it was thought there was one species of arapaima, which also goes by the common names pirarucu or paiche.
Use of salt during transportation of air breathing pirarucu juveniles (Arapaima gigas) in plastic bags.
Among the most delightful footage are abundant shots of the incredibly diverse animals, birds and fish of the region, including jaguars, monkeys, toads, snakes, sloths, tapir, pink dolphins, electric eels, piranhas and the 300-pound pirarucu fish.
Along with the tambaqui, the pirarucu (Arapaima gigas) is one of the most sought-after food fishes in the varzea.