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 (pĭr-byo͞o′tə-rôl′, -rōl′)
An analog of albuterol, C12H20N2O3, that acts as a bronchodilator and is used in the form of its acetate to treat asthma.

[Alteration of pyr(idine) + (al)buterol.]
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The asthma drugs are formoterol (Foradil, Perforomist, Symbicort, Dulera), albuterol, levalbuterol, metaproterenol, pirbuterol (Maxair), and terbutaline.
Quick relief inhalers for asthmatic symptoms with expiratory wheezing and shortness of breath are beta agonists such as albuterol and pirbuterol.
Phase-Out of CFC Metered-Dose Inhalers Containing flunisolide, triamcinolone, metaproterenol, pirbuterol, albuterol and ipratropium in combination, cromolyn, and nedocromil
Other CFC-based medications include the corticosteroids triamcinolone and flunisolide, the mast cell stabilizers cromolyn and nedocromil, and the [beta]-agonists metaproterenol, pirbuterol, and combined albuterol-ipratropium.
The seven MDI drugs include: flunisolide (Forest's Aerobid), triamcinolone (Kos' Azmacort), metaproterenol (Boehringer Ingelheim's Alupent), pirbuterol (3M's Maxair), cromolyn (King's Intal), nedocromil (King's Tilade) and the combination of albuterol and ipratropium (Boehringer's Combivent).
e) Albuterol, salmeterol, pirbuterol, ipratropium bromide and albuterol, and ipratropium bromide.
For mild exercise-induced asthma, you can take two or three puffs of a bronchodilator like albuterol or pirbuterol about 15 to 20 minutes prior to exercise.
Treatment reaction 21 Acetaminophen No 60 Subcutaneous epinephrine No (1:1,000), nebulized albuterol, diphenhydramine (25 mg) 62 2 sprays of pirbuterol, 2 sprays Yes of azelastine, nebulized albuterol, prednisone (30 mg) 65 Subcutaneous epinephrine No (1:1,000), 2 sprays of azelastine 68 Subcutaneous epinephrine No (1:1,000), nebulized albuterol 97 Diphenhydramine, No subcutaneous epinephrine (1:1,000), nebulized albuterol Table 3.
Pirbuterol acetate administered through a breath-actuated inhaler is an attractive rescue option for patients older than 7 years of age who do not want to use a spacer device.