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(pɪˈrəʊɡ) ,




n, pl -rogi (-ˈrəʊɡɪ) or -rogen (-ˈrəʊɡən)
(Cookery) a large pie filled with meat, vegetables, etc
[from Russian: pie]
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In this regard, Roberts and Pirog (2004) confirmed that the life aspirations of financial success and attractive appearance constituted significant predictors of the compulsive buying phenomenon in a sample of students.
Despite a robust literature on other dimensions of alternative urban food systems, considerably less is known about their economic impacts (Golden 2013; O'Hara and Pirog 2013).
But despite the Times hiring Jenna Pirog as the industry's first virtual reality editor, Dolnick doesn't have a huge staff at his disposal.
Economic impact studies of local food initiatives beyond FTS programs have shown positive impacts, but these impacts tend to be modest or overstated (Gunter, 2011; O'Hara and Pirog, 2013).
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In July, specialized co-editors David Mayes (University of Auckland) and Maureen Pirog (Indiana University) were added to the editorial team.
Roberts and Pirog (2012) asserted that impulsivity is one of the key factors which can turn cell phone usage into behavioral addiction.
Jacobs, who got the name 'Miracle Man' after a successful battle with bone cancer, has won 30 of 31 fights (27 by KO) and has stopped all of his last ten opponents since his only loss, a fifth-round defeat to Dmitry Pirog in 2010, although he was put on the canvas in the first round by Sergio Mora in his last fight.
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Recently, researchers Roberts and Pirog (2013) have proven that people tend to experience an increased level of anxiety when they are separated from their phones, which has become a common problem in social and employment settings.
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