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Theileria equi (incertae sedis; Piroplasma equi Laveran, 1901) is one of the etiologic agents of equine piroplasmosis.
Equine piroplasmosis (EP) is a tickborne disease of horses that has been largely absent from the United States for decades, thanks to cooperative federal and state efforts at eradication.
IRELAND'S department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food has confirmed that a number of thoroughbred horses in an unnamed equine facility in County Meath have been found to be suffering from equine piroplasmosis, writes Martin Stevens.
But there's a bigger problem: a tick-borne equine blood disease called piroplasmosis.
To the Editor: Fatal piroplasmosis in domestic reindeer (Rangifer spp.
Insects and ticks that bite livestock cause discomfort, reduce production efficiency, and transmit important diseases like bluetongue and equine piroplasmosis.