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also pi·rosh·ki  (pĭ-rôsh′kē, -rŏsh′-)
Small Russian pastries filled with finely chopped meat, vegetables, or fruit, and baked or fried.

[Russian, pl. of pirozhok, diminutive of pirog, pie; see pierogi.]


(pɪˈrɔʃ ki, -ˈrɒʃ-)

small turnovers with a filling, as of meat or vegetables.
[1910–15; < Russian pirozhkí, pl. of pirozhók, diminutive of piróg stuffed pastry]
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Noun1.piroshki - small fruit or meat turnover baked or fried
turnover - a dish made by folding a piece of pastry over a filling
Russia, Soviet Union, Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, USSR - a former communist country in eastern Europe and northern Asia; established in 1922; included Russia and 14 other soviet socialist republics (Ukraine and Byelorussia and others); officially dissolved 31 December 1991
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The revamped snack bar peddles organic hot dogs, piroshki, veggie spring rolls, and fair-trade coffee.
This year she will be serving beef stroganoff, cabbage rolls, arrabiata salmon, chicken gyros, piroshki and the desert bakhlava.
A bowl of piroshki (turnovers stuffed with different fillings) is automatically served to dinner guests at no charge.
Apple piroshki (a puff pastry turnover with apples and currants) will be served for dessert.