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 (pĭs′kə-tôr′ē-əl) or pis·ca·to·ry (pĭs′kə-tôr′ē)
1. Of or relating to fish or fishing.
2. Involved in or dependent on fishing.

[From Latin piscātōrius, from piscātor, fisherman, from piscārī, to fish, from piscis, fish.]

pis′ca·to′ri·al·ly adv.


(ˌpɪskəˈtɔːrɪəl) or


1. (Angling) of or relating to fish, fishing, or fishermen
2. (Angling) devoted to fishing
[C19: from Latin piscātōrius, from piscātor fisherman]
ˌpiscaˈtorially adv
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Adj.1.piscatorial - relating to or characteristic of the activity of fishing; "a piscatory life"
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Members of Holme Valley Piscatorial Association are working to stem a worsening leak at Magdale Dam, which it is feared could cause part of the soft earth banking to collapse.
The boat doesn't go on fire Viking style as the structure is insulated but, the open air effect is really marvellous as the meat and fish are secured on steel stakes placed upright in the centre of the vessel where a bonfire of lemon tree wood cooks the beef, pork belly and chicken, and on fish nights he gets all piscatorial with a great array of seafood on display sizzling away.
But, truth be told, piscatorial carpetbaggers from South Florida do a lot more damage to local fish stocks, in the form of commercial dive boats that make our area home for much of the summer, walloping the breeding flounder on the reefs and wrecks and even loading ice boxes with tons of amberjack--at 75 cents a pound.
If your taste buds don't lean towards the piscatorial, Albarino wines are cool complements to spicy cuisines like Thai, Indian or Mexican.
Grandad Bean, Redman, Prezzo Guesser, Piscatorial Expert, my best mate.
The property owns water rights in a ditch system that provides water to the ranch for fire protection and piscatorial rights.
Pontrhydfendigiaid (the bridge of the blessed ford) was one of the nurseries of my piscatorial and cultural interest.
Fortunately for those who live in or visit Sarasota, there are many options for satisfying piscatorial lust.
In fact, it's pretty hard to divorce my mental image of Robson from his many piscatorial conquests, despite the fact that I've seen him many times in acting roles on stage and screen.
If books on fishing attract you, this is the Rolls-Royce of the genre, and in a tome filled with piscatorial fascination, you may have moved on from studying the maps, to page 144, where you may be as intrigued as I was with a description of how a "stone sinker" was used to weight the hook and line and thus bring it into the depths of the ocean to catch bigger fish (all of this in the dark) - in this case sharks.
MIDDLESBROUGH angler Eric Morse tapped into a fantastic three hours' of piscatorial entertainment at SCALING DAM.