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 (pĭ-sĭv′ər-əs, pī-)
Feeding on fish; fish-eating.


(Zoology) feeding on fish: piscivorous birds.


(pɪˈsɪv ər əs)

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Adj.1.piscivorous - feeding on fishes
carnivorous - (used of plants as well as animals) feeding on animals; "carnivorous plants are capable of trapping and digesting small animals especially insects"
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In natural cycles, anisakid larvae are transmitted to marine mammals or piscivorous birds when they eat raw saltwater fish or squid.
Crows that live along water features where Osprey regularly hunt should quickly habituate to their presence by repeatedly observing their innocuous, piscivorous foraging behavior (Poole et al.
However, observations of higher abundances of piscivorous fishes during night than during the day in recent field surveys have indicated that larval and juvenile fishes are exposed to higher rates of mortality (owing to predation at night in vegetated habitats) than rates of mortality owing to predation during the day in these habitats (Hindell et al.
15]N values of 9[per thousand] and 12[per thousand] include mostly planktivorous and herbivorous species, whereas progressive delineations in trophic levels represent omnivorous and finally piscivorous fish.
rhabdophora in northern Costa Rica differ in terms of predation pressure, with low-elevation populations occurring with numerous piscivorous predators and highelevation populations devoid of piscivorous predators, typically due to the presence of barrier waterfalls that occur between high- and low-elevation populations (Jennions and Telford, 2002; Johnson and Belk, 2001).
In larger (and more costly) systems, such problems could be minimized and stocking of piscivorous fish would be possible, enabling natural development of planktivorous fish.
Piscivorous fishes, such as groupers and barracudas, have much larger mouths and more impressive dentition than goatfishes.
For example, Health Canada (2009) guidelines recommend a piscivorous fish consumption limit of 150 g/month for pregnant or nursing mothers.
1988) used bioenergetics models to calculate the impact of stocking five piscivorous fish species into an Ohio Reservoir.
11) Piscivorous birds, such as those in the order Charadriiformes, who ate these virus-laden fish would have the virus in their gastrointestinal tract, where influenza virus receptors are concentrated.
Blacksmith are a rapidly colonizing planktivorous species, providing a consistent source of food for many piscivorous fishes, including rockfishes (Sebastes spp.