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also piss-ant  (pĭs′ănt′)Slang
1. One that is insignificant.
2. Obsolete An ant.
Not important; insignificant: "Some pissant Texas court wants to make [the company] pay ... more than $10 billion in reparations" (New Republic).

[Modeled on pismire.]


an insignificant or contemptible person
insignificant or contemptible
[C17: from piss + ant]
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beaucoup moins que] L'envie vient en pissant [beaucoup plus grand que] me dit-il tout en continuant a griffonner sur un cahier d'ecolier.
But if it's really a pissant job, how'd he pull off last week's hat trick of building purchases at the Alamo?
government should respond in the only way that acts of war by a pissant dictatorship deserves: by wiping that pissant dictatorship from the face of the earth.
Like others before him, Mailer locates the psychological motor that has helped generate endless conjecture over Oswald's role in the Kennedy assassination in our collective resistance to the idea that an angry pissant like Oswald could by acting alone bring down a king.
The moment Jones sways onstage, she immediately grabs our undivided attention on "A Lil' Ole Pissant Country Place" and "Girl, You're a Woman.
No one dreams in macro anymore, just little pissant projects.