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n. Vulgar Slang
1. One that is extremely disagreeable.
2. One that is extraordinary or remarkable.


1. someone or something that pisses
2. a disappointment or nuisance


(ˈpɪs ər)

n. Slang: Sometimes Vulgar.
1. something very difficult or unpleasant.
2. something or someone extraordinary.
3. something or someone that is very funny.
[1940–45; Amer.]
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Noun1.pisser - a person who urinatespisser - a person who urinates    
individual, mortal, person, somebody, someone, soul - a human being; "there was too much for one person to do"
bed wetter, bedwetter, wetter - someone suffering from enuresis; someone who urinates while asleep in bed
2.pisser - a very disagreeable difficulty
difficulty - a factor causing trouble in achieving a positive result or tending to produce a negative result; "serious difficulties were encountered in obtaining a pure reagent"
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Je ne sors jamais la nuit, je m'enferme chez moi et je regarde la tele- J'ai peur d'avoir un accident, d'etre ecrase betement par un chauffard en etat d'ivresse, de me couper la main en epluchant des pommes de terre et de pisser tout mon sang, de tomber du balcon en mettant le linge a secher, de glisser dans ma salle de bain et avoir une fracture a l'omoplate ou au tibia, d'etre pique par des abeilles, d'etre griffe par un chat non vaccine, d'etre mordu par un chien enrage.
The French Prime Minister Clemenceau had a painful prostate gland condition and during Lloyd George's long speeches, he would comment to his Foreign Minister "Si que je pouvais pisser comme il parle
But, hey, it's only rock'n'roll and, with M&S reporting a right pisser of a Christmas, anything to boost our ailing retail industry must be applauded.