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A public urinal, especially one located on a street.

[French, from Old French, from pissier, to urinate; see piss.]


(ˈpiːswɑː; French piswar)
a public urinal, usually enclosed by a wall or screen
[French, from pisser to urinate]



n., pl. -soirs (-ˈswar)
French. a street urinal for public use, esp. one enclosed by a low wall or screen.
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The facilities, known as pissoirs in France, will be set up in Edinburgh's Meadows to tackle the problem of people urinating in nearby residents' gardens.
The bohemian pissoirs which once were as much a part of the gamin charm of Paris as zinc-topped bars, bistros and artists' garrets, have largely been replaced by high-tech chemical toilets that look like errant space modules and which, for the life of me, I can never operate.
The discharge of warship's own guns, which might crack the glass in the frames of family snapshots in the officers' quarters and cause the pissoirs to fall off the walls in the mess decks, could easily damage an airplane exposed on the upperworks.
Now ludicrous portable plastic pissoirs border the square.
What we won't see: A tour of LA's finest alfresco pissoirs and George 'n' Kenny dining at Tony 'n' Cherie's.
Central London have launched pissoirs - I'm not taking the pissoir - which are mobile urinals.
The tiny theatres that were once described as "jewel boxes" smelled more like pissoirs and the art was long gone.
In this sense, her novel picks up where her seven plays and volumes of poetry, with their dead-end streets, pissoirs, and subway-station milieus, leave off.
Tout autour, s'exhalent des odeurs nauseabondes, car, abandonnees a leur sort, ces mitoyennetes ordurieres sont transformees en reels pissoirs repugnants.
The council has installed mobile street urinals, called pissoirs, at strategic points - the first authority in Britain to do so.