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Noun1.pistachio tree - small tree of southern Europe and Asia Minor bearing small hard-shelled nutspistachio tree - small tree of southern Europe and Asia Minor bearing small hard-shelled nuts
pistachio nut, pistachio - nut of Mediterranean trees having an edible green kernel
genus Pistacia, Pistacia - a dicotyledonous genus of trees of the family Anacardiaceae having drupaceous fruit
nut tree - tree bearing edible nuts
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There is a saying that if you are sitting under a pistachio tree and you hear the shells snapping open, it is a sign of good luck.
Most of the jars revealed large quantities of resin, which were analyzed by experts at the National Gallery in London and found to be pistacia, related to the common pistachio tree.
The paper presents a recent evaluation of lead (Pb) and cadmium (Cd) in soil (0-10 cm) and pistachio tree (leaf and nut) collected from pistachio orchards around Kerman-Rafsanjan road in Iran.
You wouldn't want to eat them anyway, since this is not the edible pistachio tree (though P.
A simple supplement containing the resin from the pistachio tree could prove to be a new cure for stomach ulcers.
The first commercial crops were planted in California in the '60s but didn't mature until the mid-'70s, because it takes seven years for a pistachio tree to bear fruit.
Throughout history, Aleppo has been famous for planting pistachio tree and from it the treewas expand to other countries.
said the engineer, adding that the production of the laboratory covers protected and local varieties of all fruit species, including apricots, peaches, almond trees, olive trees, pomegranate trees, pistachio trees, etc.
The United States only began planting pistachio trees in the late 1970s, a few years before the Islamic revolution, and the trees only began producing nuts in the early 1980s.
Local police, national police and border police have a responsibility to safeguard the pistachio trees in Herat province but due to wide presence of Taleban, the government has lost control of forests," says Amini.
The country's extreme heat and cold conditions meet the climatic requirements of a wide range of pistachio trees which often grow in poor soil where other flora would not survive.
Pistachio production area will be established as means for sustainable utilization of pistachio trees and promote community collaboration and generate employment and income generating opportunities for women in Maimana.