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1. A gold coin equal to two escudos, formerly used in Spain.
2. Any of several gold coins used in various European countries until the late 1800s.

[French, back-formation from pistolet, diminutive of pistole, pistol; see pistol.]


(Currencies) any of various gold coins of varying value, formerly used in Europe
[C16: from Old French, shortened from pistolet, literally: little pistol]



1. a former gold coin of Spain, equal to two escudos.
2. any of various former gold coins of Europe, as the louis d'or.
[1585–95; < Middle French]
References in classic literature ?
What we gave to the chec might be worth about a pistole, and the rest in proportion.
In that case, in the name of heaven," continued he, throwing him a pistole, "tell me what you have seen, and I will pledge you the word of a gentleman that not one of your words shall escape from my heart.
Half a pistole if you can find out," said D'Artagnan.
said the patron, laughing; "I have sailed about with my father, and I know what is called a sou, a crown, a pistole, a louis, and a double louis, in all the languages of Europe; my crew, therefore, listen to me as they would to an oracle, and obey me as if I were an admiral.
But former TSA Administrator John Pistole changed the rules for negotiations in December 2014, on his last day in office, according to the union.
Kumar, who is at present heading the anti-corruption wing of BCCI, said the revelation of Asif Raza Khan that ransom money was passed on to Mohammed Atta was mentioned in the testimony of John S Pistole, deputy assistant director, counter-terrorism division of FBI before the Senate Committee on Terrorist Financing in July 2003 at Washington.
Luger's pistol was adopted by the Swiss army in 1900 as the Pistole, Ordonnanz 1900, System Borchardt-Luger, and 2,000 were ordered from DWM.
TSA Chief Pistole discusses risk-based security strategy John Pistole, who is stepping down as administrator of the Transportation Security Administration at the end of the month, said a move to risk-based security was the most radical change during his tenure.
Pistole had submitted a paper to the journal of Mental Health Counseling and received feedback; when she ran into Dr.
We applaud Administrator Pistole and the TSA for understanding the role private companies can play in both strengthening our nation's security apparatus and also improving the travel experience," said CEO Caryn Seidman-Becker.
The purpose of the airstrikes was to disrupt an ''imminent attack or attack entering the last phases of execution,'' said John Pistole, head of the Transportation Security Administration.
Mr Pistole than agreed with a questioner at the Aspen Security Forum this week, who joked: "Thank god for bad hygiene, right?