pit run

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Noun1.pit run - gravel as found in natural depositspit run - gravel as found in natural deposits
crushed rock, gravel - rock fragments and pebbles
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supply, place, pack and shape pit run gravel and mndot class 5 gravel on the lyons state forest minimum maintenance road.
The shaft collapse occurred in a coal mine pit run by the Xinjiang Tianshan Coal and Power Co.
The forty-three-acre site is divided into areas for aggregate processing, asphalt sales, pit run gravel, and clean material disposal.
There were lots of big rocks and pit run to bore in and through.
Given high yields of 80% and a 15 million tonne per annum indicative open pit run of mine (ROM), Stage 2 production of as much as 12 million tonnes per annum of coking coal is possible with a rail connection to Erdenet and the Trans Mongolian Railway.
When a driver overslept for the early morning pit run Heber would drive the coach at 5am.
2 to near-unanimous raves, the wildly dark comedy has sold out its limited Pit run, with at least three offers of a West End transfer in April.
5, cms1, ae-p, crs-2s; crusher run, 3/8 chips, 5/8 chips, screenings, pit run, creek rock; grader blades: 5/8 x 8 with 3/4 holes, 5/8 x 8 x 7~ with 5/8 holes; signs; corrugated steel pipe-tin horns-used steel pipe-corrugated polypropylene pipe; concrete: 5 sack minimum, clsm; hauling; recap tires: 900 x 20; 1000 x 20r; 11r x 22.
Tenders are invited for purchase of the following items: level up-patch material; soil stabilizer quicklime - pebble bulk /powder lime; cover stone material - pre-coated and uncoated; limestone: 1 1/2", 3/4", to dust and 1 down; ac-5, ac-10, mc-30, crs-1p, crs-1p, crs-2, ae-p and/or rc-250; delivery of varioius pit run and screen gravel 1 1/2" and down; vegetation management services; fuel.