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Noun1.pitanga - Brazilian tree with spicy red fruit; often cultivated in California and Florida
Eugenia, genus Eugenia - tropical trees and shrubs with aromatic leaves and often valuable hard wood
fruit tree - tree bearing edible fruit
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Natura Ekos Frescores women's fragrances come in five variants (passion fruit, acai, pitanga, chestnut and buriti), and are packaged in 100% recycled PET, a move that reduces the brand's carbon emissions by 72% in production.
With its maple Shaker cabinets and eye-catching Juperana Pitanga Gold granite island and countertops, it's smart and beautiful.
Lazaro Ramos and his wife Camila Pitanga - two well-known and much loved Brazilian soap stars had been scheduled to play a leading role in the World Cup group stage draw on 6 December in the northeastern state of Bahia - the historic epicentre of Afro-Brazilian culture.
Helen Clark, UNDP Administrator, and Gilberto Gil, world-renowned musician and former Brazilian Minister of Culture, hosted the evening event, while Edward Norton, actor and UN Goodwill Ambassador for Biodiversity, and Camila Pitanga, Brazilian actress and environmental advocate, served as emcees.
The eco-friendly brand partners with farflung providers of such tropical fruits as cupuacu and pitanga.
Most of the fruits grown in the tropics including Pitanga cherry (Eugenia uniflora L.
Jose Procopio das Merces Pitanga, por exemplo, quando inventariou os bens de seu pai em 1868, acrescentou, no leque de despesas que teve com a molestia e enterramento do finado, o seguinte item na epoca em que passou a administrar a propriedade paterna: "16$000 Em roupa para os escravos desesseis mil reis .
Ricardo Jaco de Oliveira (1), Martim Bottaro (2), Antonio Marco Mota (1), Francisco Pitanga (1), Marcelo Guido (1), Tailce Kaley Moura Leite (1), Lidia Mara Aguiar Bezerra (1) and Ricardo Moreno Lima (1,3)
As fotos mais comuns eram de atrizes de televisao como Juliana Paes (16 ocorrencias), Sheron Menezes (9), Ildi Silva (9), Camila Pitanga (8), Gloria Maria (7), entre outras.
Parana: Pitanga, Borboleta, 24[degrees]45'S, 51[degrees]45'W, 600 m, 13 Dec 1973, Hatschbach 33505 (C, UC); Piraquara, Mananciais da Serra, Morro do Canal, 25[degrees]30'58"S, 48[degrees]48'20"W, 1200 m, 20 Oct 2003, Labiak et al.
Such trees provide the shade for the secondary forest, which emerges with the tall cedro, the fruit-giving pitanga and jaboticaba, and many other trees, including coffee itself.