pitch pipe

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pitch pipe

A small pipe that, when sounded, gives the initial pitch for a piece of music or the standard pitch for tuning an instrument.

pitch pipe



(Instruments) a small pipe, esp one having a reed like a harmonica, that sounds a note or notes of standard frequency. It is used for establishing the correct starting note for unaccompanied singing

pitch′ pipe`

a small flute or reed pipe producing one or more pitches when blown into.
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Noun1.pitch pipe - a small pipe sounding a tone of standard frequency; used to establish the starting pitch for unaccompanied singing
pipe - a tubular wind instrument
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I remember vividly while at school we would stand in the freezing Vermont winter night air, the stars blazing; he'd pull from his coat pocket a musical instrument he had fashioned from a broken pitch pipe.
Captain Von Trapp is played by Ray Johnson, calm and collected in his performance he soon swaps whistle for pitch pipe as he falls for Maria and for music.
Washington, October 24 ( ANI ): People with perfect pitch seem to possess their own inner pitch pipe, allowing them to sing a specific note without first hearing a reference tone.
We just love to sing, all of us," said President Ron Kamel, who wields a pitch pipe and contagious smile as he directs the group.
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