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1. Striking exactly the right note or tone: "He spoke beautiful English, spiced with pitch-perfect sarcasm" (Michael Finkel).
2. Producing especially accurate or pleasing sound: gave a pitch-perfect singing performance.
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Before 'La La Land,' Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone already had pitch-perfect chemistry in this movie.
PITCH-PERFECT Jasmine left judge Alesha Dixon in tears with her version of Cher's Believe but admits straighttalking Simon Cowell scared her at first.
The actress, 50, even made sure her make-up was pitch-perfect before sidling up to the Aussie cricketer at Dodger Stadium at the weekend.
Cover your ears and open your hearts: In French director Xavier Giannoli's pitch-perfect comedy of manners, "Marguerite,'' a shameless chanteuse with a surplus of money and a shortage of talent buys her way into the spotlight, exposing the hypocrisy of her unctuous social circle in the process.
Pitch-perfect dialogue and narrative prose reveal teen culture and the journey of self-discovery.
An innovation for all types of skin to sing about, Aria is Clarisonic's pitch-perfect addition to the famously functional Clarisonic Sonic Skin Cleansing family.
Adam Lambert - Never Close Our Eyes Pumping electro-pop is not the signature sound of the American Idol runner-up known for his falsetto rock performances, but his powerful, pitch-perfect vocal skills, Latin guitar rhythms and Daft Punk-style synths culminate to produce an anthemic belter on his latest release.
99) Barnaby Johnson is that paragon but the strands making up the life of the popular vicar in a Cornish parish gradually unravel through Gale's pitch-perfect narrative.
Calling it a pilsner is a stretch, but this is a pitch-perfect American light lager.
Frontman Gillespie delivered a pitch-perfect performance, thundering through an encore of Country Girl, Jailbird and a version of Rocks which almost lifted the roof clean off the big red shed.
Summary: Amy Winehouse has apparently reduced a pub crowd to tears during an pitch-perfect impromptu performance.
That pitch-perfect exhibition will forever radiate an incomparable aura of epochal inevitability, so Takashi Murakami may have been wise to bill his foray at the palace as a meditation on a transhistorical dreamworld.