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1. Baseball A pitch deliberately thrown high and away from the batter to make it easier for the catcher to throw out a base runner who is standing off a base or attempting to steal.
2. Football A lateral pass from the back receiving the snap from the center to another back behind the line of scrimmage.


1. (Baseball) baseball a pitch that is deliberately thrown high and outside the strike area, allowing the catcher to throw out a possible base runner
2. (American Football) American football a lateral throw behind the line of scrimmage, usually by the quarterback to a running back



1. Baseball. a ball purposely thrown by a pitcher too far outside of the plate for the batter to hit, esp. in anticipation of an attempted steal by a base runner.
2. Football. a lateral pass thrown behind the line of scrimmage by one back, esp. a T-formation quarterback, to another.
[1910–15, Amer.]
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Vikings 34, Rams 6: Wide receiver Cordarelle Patterson ran for 102 yards on three carries with a 67-yard scoring run off a simple pitchout, and Minnesota opened impressively on the road under new coach Mike Zimmer.
He faked a handoff and made a perfect pitchout to Greene, who needed only one block to find open space for a 39-yard touchdown run, the longest of his career.
He netted only 16 yards on his other 12 carries and dropped a pitchout near the goal line in the final minute that would have been an easy touchdown.
KEY PLAYS: Stanford's Egboh recovers fumbled UO pitchout by Dixon as Ducks went on fourth-and-one at the SU 33.
The first pitch, to Bob Boone, was a pitchout, and Pettis was running, but not far--he was caught stealing.
Craig got the attention of the acting manager, told him to call a pitchout, and they nailed the runner.
JayJay 3 acknowledged the call with a "Tally-Ho" on the traffic and executed his pitchout behind Rambo flight.
Right-hander Burke Badenhop entered, and after Jennings stole second on a pitchout, Figueroa drove in the winning run on a drive to right-center.
Even if it's usually the pitcher you're victimizing, keep in mind that the catcher is probably going to call for fastballs, or three or four fastballs and then a pitchout, or a fastball up and away--a good pitch for throwing to second--to do what he can to catch you out.
Saito gave up a one-out single to Greg Dobbs, who stole second when Saito missed a pitchout sign and threw the ball straight through the strike zone, passed stunned catcher Russell Martin and to the backstop.
Strickland stole second base on a play when Eugene called a pitchout but did not get a throw off to second, and he scored on a single by Jeff Kindel, who advanced to second on the throw home.
Almost a pitchout, just a little bit outside, and the catcher would fire the ball back to the pitcher real quick.