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Any of various volcanic glasses distinguished by their dull pitchlike luster.

[Translation of German Pechstein.]


(Geological Science) a dark glassy acid volcanic rock similar in composition to granite, usually intruded as dykes, sills, etc
[C18: translation of German Pechstein]
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Noun1.pitchstone - dark acid granitic glass
volcanic glass - a kind of natural glass produced when molten lava cools very rapidly
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It is also contiguous with claims held by Denison Mines and Pitchstone Exploration.
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These links are also indicated by the occurrence of pitchstone from the Isle of Arran in north-eastern ireland and the movement of porcellanite axes and Antrim flint, as both raw material and finished artifacts, from Ireland to south-west Scotland (Saville & Sheridan 1990;, Saville 1994: 62-3; Sheridan et al.