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1. pl. pit·men (-mĕn) A worker employed inside a pit in various industrial operations, as in a coal mine.
2. pl. pit·mans (-mənz) See connecting rod.


n, pl -men
(Mining & Quarrying) chiefly Scot and Northern English a person who works down a mine, esp a coal miner


(Biography) Sir Isaac. 1813–97, English inventor of a system of phonetic shorthand (1837)


(ˈpɪt mən)

Sir Isaac, 1813–97, English inventor of a system of shorthand.
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Noun1.Pitman - English educator who invented a system of phonetic shorthand (1813-1897)
2.Pitman - someone who works in a coal minepitman - someone who works in a coal mine  
miner, mineworker - laborer who works in a mine


[ˈpɪtmən] N (pitmen (pl)) (Brit) → minero m


n pl <-men> (Brit) → Bergmann m, → Kumpel m (inf)
References in classic literature ?
Here is a Lancashire lass, the daughter of a common pitman.
And hardly had the carriage turned the corner and rattled into the high road with this inexplicable pair, than the whistle broke forth - prolonged, and low and tremulous; and the groom, already so far relieved, vented the rest of his surprise in one simple English word, friendly to the mouth of Jack-tar and the sooty pitman, and hurried to spread the news round the servants' hall of Naseby House.
His true objective was the provision of a full, accurate, legible script for our noble but ill-dressed language; but he was led past that by his contempt for the popular Pitman system of Shorthand, which he called the Pitfall system.
The consultation ended in the men returning to the windlass, and the pitman going down again, carrying the wine and some other small matters with him.
The Old Hell Shaft, the pitman said, with a curse upon it, was worthy of its bad name to the last; for though Stephen could speak now, he believed it would soon be found to have mangled the life out of him.
Besides first-class tuition up to the value of pounds 650 (the prize package does not include external exam fees), the winner will receive a personal career consultation with specialists at Pitman Training, who have centres in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen, Dumfries and Forres in Moray.
The leading Midland jewellers have taken the reins as official sponsors of the newly launched Jenny and Mark Pitman Racing Club and were delighted when the eight-year-old gelding gained fourth place.
Wesleyan Bank staff were joined by banking luminaries Sir Brian Pitman and Sir James Birrell, as well as other members of Wesleyan Assurance Society.
Olson) Pitman, 82, of Auburn, formerly of West Boylston, died Friday, May 11th, in the Rose Monahan Hospice Home.
Pitman and his associates assessed identical twins who were discordant for combat exposure.
Pitman of Massachusetts General Hospital in Charlestown.
HEREFORD'S Jamie Pitman might be a future physio, but he did not need letters after his name to know that his back was knackered.