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 (pĭ-tŏs′pər-əm, pĭt′ə-spôr′əm)
Any of various evergreen shrubs or plants of the genus Pittosporum, widely grown as ornamental or hedge plants in warm regions.

[New Latin, genus name : Greek pissa, pitta, pitch + New Latin spora, spore; see spore.]


(Plants) any of various trees and shrubs of the Pittosporum genus of Australasia, Asia, and Africa, having small fragrant flowers
[New Latin, from Greek pitta pitch (from the resinous coating of the seeds) + spora seed]
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In the past, I have cut back blackened pittosporums and been delightfully surprised to see a full recovery over the next seasons.
But like so many gardeners this time we've had our losses such as cordylines, agaves, the pretty but tender pittosporums and the like all killed by the deep frosts" Mr Barbour added: "Ragley's winter garden is great though, and on Sunday visitors can enjoy the snowdrops among the coloured stems of our dogwoods, willow trees, and jasmine.
She carried a hand-tied bouquet of Engagement roses interspersed with bupleurum and wrapped with a collar of green hydrangeas and variegated pittosporums wrapped with white satin ribbon.
Among shrubs and hedges, Pittosporums are among the most dependable and adaptable selections.
1) Pittosporum nigricans, which has oval leaves, black stems and purple flowers, is among the most adaptable species as shrubs and hedges.
To that end, she kept the existing trees--a poplar and two pittosporums, which form a canopy one story above the ground-- and planned the new garden around them.
Draped across the entrance were variegated pittosporums, plumosa ferns, Italian ruscuses, coral peonies, Cherry Brandy roses, viburniums, and lime-green hydrangeas.
The tar seeds, botanically known as Pittosporums (pitto = tar; sporum = seed), have arrived.
Pittosporums are dignified, respectable, honorable.
This combined with an abundance of flowers, foliage and fragrance, with interesting shapes such as the arching stems of buddleias, neatness of choisya and pittosporums and the erect drama of mahonias help to create the basis of many beautiful borders.