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1. The penis of an animal, especially a bull.
2. A whip made from a bull's penis.

[Possibly from Low German pēsel, diminutive of Middle Low German pese, penis, tendon.]


archaic or dialect the penis of an animal, esp a bull
[C16: of Germanic origin; compare Low German pēsel, Flemish pēzel, Middle Dutch pēze sinew]


(ˈpɪz əl)

1. the penis of an animal, esp. a bull.
2. a whip made from a bull's pizzle.
[1515–25; probably < Dutch pezel or Low German pēsel]


nOchsenziemer m
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The boy with the overgrown member (traceable to a hormonal quirk) constitutes a carnivalesque spectacle together with "the bull with the five legs and two pizzles .
Chinese traders are visiting the Highlands to view the deer - regarded as the most virile in the world - and provide training for Scots game dealers on how to process the sexual organs, known as pizzles, for export.
STILL on the subject of deer, another potentially lucrative sideline lies in the sale of deer tails, pizzles (penis), leg sinews and antlers (in and out of velvet).
Offering rawhides or pizzles (choking, obstruction, Salmonella)
Bully sticks, also called beef, steer, or macho sticks, or pizzles, are made from beef penises.