place mat

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or place mat  (plās′măt′)
A protective table mat for a single setting of dishes and flatware.

place′ mat`

a mat set on a dining table beneath a place setting.
ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: mat - a mat serving as table linen for an individual place settingplace mat - a mat serving as table linen for an individual place setting
mat - a small pad of material that is used to protect surface from an object placed on it
napery, table linen - linens for the dining table

place mat

n (cork) → sottopiatto; (linen) → tovaglietta
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Participants sample six wines and try to match the glasses with the appropriately labeled circles on a place mat.
It's like substituting a quilted place mat for a warm bedspread.
Give your dog's dinner the designer touch with an upmarket bowl and place mat.
Guests who dine off the special menu will receive a commemorative place mat from the Space Needle's earliest restaurant, Eye of the Needle.
The ancient art of paper weaving will allow people to create their own place mat or wall hanging tomorrow and Wednesdaywhile sculpture workshops are to be held on Thursday and Friday.
Tropical-inspired place mat and pot holder from America at Home
Glittering diamante injects sparkle to any occasion, so enforce a strict Black Tie and Diamonds dress code to ensure the glitzy theme is carried through the eveningBLACK BAMBOO PLACE MAT, pounds 6; PURITY SILVER CUP, pounds 5; CUP MAT, pounds 4; BLACK SEQUIN MAT, pounds 8; BLACK DIAMANTE NAPKINS, pounds 4, SILVER RITUAL TRAY, pounds 25, NAPKIN HOLDERS, pounds 2.
Carlson, then president of Western International Hotels, originally penciled the shape that would become the internationally known symbol for Seattle on a place mat while traveling abroad.
The items that appreciate the most are the ones people don't think twice about - such as a Burger King place mat.
Colorful looks can be seen at Arlee, which is offering the Kingston striped woven cotton place mat in lime, melon and ocean, and Anne de Solene, which is showing such Bandol in lemon and grenadine, Rosicae in green and Amarylis in ivory patterned with bright florals.