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Noun1.placement center - an office that finds suitable employment for applicants
administrative body, administrative unit - a unit with administrative responsibilities
hiring hall - a union-operated placement office where jobs are allotted to applicants according to seniority or rotation
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Third, the survey simply assessed whether someone used the MBA placement center.
Turnstile Tours offers these tours in partnership with the Brooklyn Navy Yard Center at BLDG 92, a visitor center complete with exhibitions, programs, and a cafA[c], as well as a job training and placement center that connects locals with employment opportunities.
com)-- Opportunities Industrialization Center of Broward County (OICB), a non-profit workforce development, training and job placement center has posted a Request for Proposal for website redesign.
Cincinnati State will use part of the grant to create a Pathway to Employment Center, a "one-stop" career assessment, planning, and placement center.
The Student Selection & Placement Center (OSYM) warned hundreds of students, whose university entrance grades it miscalculated, on the last day when students were obliged to hand out their preferences to the center.
I was first introduced to your magazine through the Career Placement Center at my school, Michigan State University.
Lahore Career Guidance and Placement Center has organized an "On-campus Technology Awareness and Recruitment Programme" in collaboration with the national and international companies to build a strong foundation for professional career of its students and to raise awareness among them about the ongoing advances in technology.
Skidmore, director of Pierce's job placement center.
Today, the American Library Association Placement Center lists more open library positions than at any time in the last 20 years, and library administrators are wing for the smallest pool of candidates in three decades," said Judith S.
Billie, a 29-year-old 'White woman, came to the placement center of a small state college in the South for assistance.
According to David, the best ways to start your job search are to work with the Career Planning and Placement Center at your college or university and to visit the Teacher Job Fairs.
For graduate students, five full time professionals at the Ziff Graduate Placement Center coach them and help find them jobs.