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Noun1.placement center - an office that finds suitable employment for applicants
administrative body, administrative unit - a unit with administrative responsibilities
hiring hall - a union-operated placement office where jobs are allotted to applicants according to seniority or rotation
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00 without vat, - lot 3 - "supply of natural gas for the needs of the family-type placement center for children and young people with disabilities", Located on "a.
The donors and foreign experts appreciated NAVTTC's initiative of establishing Job Placement Center and organizing skill competitions across the country.
These include an art gallery, a recreational boathouse and a job training and placement center.
According to a report from the pro-gov't Yeni YE-zyyl daily on Thursday, the review of YGS and LYS results conducted by the Student Selection and Placement Center (EuSYM) looked at the exam scores of students from 21 different types of high school in Turkey.
From the perspective of rehabilitation / child placement center, which is established to safeguard the interests of children, parameters like lack of care, attitude of the workers, strict rules within the centre itself, etc.
The placement center serves to bring together individuals who might not normally have a connection.
The Career Guidance and amp; Placement Center of GC University Lahore aims to work for the enhancement and development of students in terms of academic and scholarly endeavors.
com)-- Opportunities Industrialization Center of Broward County (OICB), a non-profit workforce development, training and job placement center has posted a Request for Proposal for website redesign.
Cincinnati State will use part of the grant to create a Pathway to Employment Center, a "one-stop" career assessment, planning, and placement center.
The Student Selection & Placement Center (OSYM) warned hundreds of students, whose university entrance grades it miscalculated, on the last day when students were obliged to hand out their preferences to the center.
I was first introduced to your magazine through the Career Placement Center at my school, Michigan State University.
In this sense, the subjects were 3 placement centers from Caras-Severin county, namely: "Hope" Placement Center in Resita, "Apartment" Placement Center in Resita, "Our House" Placement Center in Zagujeni.