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v. pla·gia·rized, pla·gia·riz·ing, pla·gia·riz·es
1. To reproduce or otherwise use (the words, ideas, or other work of another) as one's own or without attribution.
2. To plagiarize the words, ideas, or work of (another person).
To present another's words or ideas as one's own or without attribution.

pla′gia·riz′er n.
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Adj.1.plagiarized - copied and passed off as your own; "used plagiarized data in his thesis"; "a work dotted with plagiarized phrases"
derived - formed or developed from something else; not original; "the belief that classes and organizations are secondary and derived"- John Dewey
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Last year, a plagiarized version of the novel conquered book markets, it was incomplete, and of poor quality, Hamdi explained on her official Facebook page.
This local band put out their plagiarized version of it last year in 2016.
Our school has very clear-cut guidelines on what should be done if a student is caught plagiarizing by a faculty member, but I've also found that most of my students who have plagiarized have done so inadvertently because they simply did not know the correct way to cite a source or--in some instances--were taught that it was a form of flattery to include other folks' work straight on.
0b234a4a49ba) plagiarized quotes from American ex-presidents George W.
Islamabad -- The Board of Governors of Comsats Institute of Information Technology (CIIT) has de-seated Chief Executive of National Testing Service (NTS) and pro-rector Comsats Haroon Rasheed after his doctoral thesis was found plagiarized.
The teacher librarian and the teacher had previously spoken to some of the students after they turned in plagiarized work.
com), online software, to check the plagiarized materials, if any, contained therein.
LMRA alerted all clients and expatriates not to submit any data through this plagiarized link.
By then, the case had passed through two committees, both of which unanimously decided he had plagiarized the work of two of his students, used another professor's ideas in a presentation at a 2001 conference in Iran and plagiarized material for a book.
Bucharest, Rajab 11, 1434, May 21, 2013, SPA -- Romanian state prosecutor on Tuesday turned down requests for legal action against Prime Minister Victor Ponta in connection with allegations that he plagiarized his doctoral thesis, according to dpa.
Recently, the President of Hungary resigned as it was alleged that his dissertation had been plagiarized (1).
Since then, several observers, including Tablet Magazine contributors James Kirchick (who was plagiarized for the Ynet column) and Michael Moynihan, noted on Twitter and elsewhere several other instances in which Meotti had plagiarized.