plain text

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also plain text  (plān′tĕkst′)
The unencrypted form of an encrypted message. Also called cleartext.

plain text



(Telecommunications) telecomm a message set in a directly readable form rather than in coded groups
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The use of simple to guess passwords is purely the fault of the users who may suffer a compromise stemming from their own lack of awareness, but the storing of authentication credentials in plain text format by a company the size of Yahoo
The plain text format is also important for long-term filing: A Word-program is not necessary to get, read and edit the documents.
A pre-installed plug-in called TextFX allows you to perform some rather magical tasks just with plain text.
The complexity is reportedly removed with Webwise as information is presented in the form of symbols or plain text, in any font.
If you want to send plain messages only to particular people, open your address book, double-click the person's name and check the box marked "Send email using plain text only".
A message, again just a plain text document, consists of a SOAP "envelope" that has two components: an optional header and a body.
Criminals typically use homemade, simple substitution cipher systems which use a single cipher text character to replace a plain text character.
The information we did receive from the remaining well-known and respected foundries ranged from obviously over-duplicated pages of plain text that hadn't been updated in years to highly professional marketing information packages that, needless to say, would make a terrific impression on the neophyte casting buyer.
She brings out the paradox of Reformist editors claiming, through voluminous notes, that the plain text would speak for itself.
With Word-2-Text, the content of a Word-document can be extracted as plain text and transferred to any iPad App.
Compatible with Microsoft Word, Cord Word Perfect, or plain text formats, EVE2 sells for $30, with no recurring fees.