plain text

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also plain text  (plān′tĕkst′)
The unencrypted form of an encrypted message. Also called cleartext.

plain text



(Telecommunications) telecomm a message set in a directly readable form rather than in coded groups
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The tool dumps the content of an encrypted keychain into a plain XML file or dumps passwords into a plain text file, producing a custom dictionary for password recovery tools.
The plain text format is also important for long-term filing: A Word-program is not necessary to get, read and edit the documents.
The complexity is reportedly removed with Webwise as information is presented in the form of symbols or plain text, in any font.
If you want to send plain messages only to particular people, open your address book, double-click the person's name and check the box marked "Send email using plain text only".
A message, again just a plain text document, consists of a SOAP "envelope" that has two components: an optional header and a body.
NFC Text RTD Technical Specification (for records containing plain text that can be read by NFC-enabled devices)
With Word-2-Text, the content of a Word-document can be extracted as plain text and transferred to any iPad App.
Compatible with Microsoft Word, Cord Word Perfect, or plain text formats, EVE2 sells for $30, with no recurring fees.
Some mail clients don't support HTML, so most HTML mail clients send messages with both plain text and HTML parts that contain the same text.
When possible, send your resume via e-mail: many firms no longer accept paper resumes (for tips on preparing a plain text resume, log on to www.
The court held that the Tenth Circuit's analysis was not supported by the plain text of the statute; rather, the district court indicated that the Tenth Circuit purposely interpreted the statute to avoid a windfall for the taxpayers.
The software searches for words or phrases in plain text files, binary files and in files archived inside zip files.