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Lacking adornment or pretension; basic or simple.


or plain′-jane′,

simple; ordinary.
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But whether of fancy exotic wood or Plain-Jane synthetic, all Lasergrips offer the same features still keeping the company running hot, straight and normal since its inception.
05Pm Plain-jane Abba fan Toni Collette leaves behind her dull home town to flat share in Sydney with Rachel Griffiths.
1 For salad mixes, switch out plain-Jane romaine for baby Forellenschluss (it's speckled like a "trout's back" in German).
9PM Plain-jane Abba fan Toni Collette (above) leaves behind her boring home town to flat share in Sydney with vivacious Rachel Griffiths.
You can be up and running instantly but what you actually end up with is a plain-jane, cookie cutter blog…not something you're going to start winning awards with anytime soon," said Ruth Whitehouse, Managing Director of Script-Setup.
Things get interesting when Osborn leaves a computer disk containing a rough draft of the book at his gym, and fitness instructor Chad (Brad Pitt) and his plain-Jane colleague Linda (Frances McDormand) seek to profit from the discovery with an ill-devised blackmail plot.
The packaging is rather plain-Jane, with a two-column page design and a dozen or so b&w maps and illustrations in each volume.
Priced at pounds 20,940 with a superb 198bhp engine and loads of goodies, it is virtually the same price as the plain-Jane GTI.
In The Truth About Cats and Dogs - Michael Lehmann's amiable, girly-night-out diversion to Paul Gascoigne's Euro '96 antics - she stood in for plain-Jane radio host Abby (Janeane Garofalo) on a date.
Look for the full colored insert in their plain-Jane catalog.
How could Ugly Betty--a slightly plump plain-Jane from Queens--possibly fit in a world of high fashion, image is everything?
We sell tons of household lamp products--from the fanciest crystal chandeliers to the lowliest plain-Jane closet lights.