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having no embellishments; simple; basic.
[alluding to vanilla ice cream, taken to be the most basic flavor]
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The film has a good cast, and is competently made in a plain-vanilla way, but its greatest appeal will be to those who share its endorsement of traditional religious values.
It is a securities exchange for listing and trading of fixed income products and plain-vanilla interest rate and currency derivatives to offer financial security.
You will see incredible results even out of what I consider to be absolutely plain-vanilla technology," Marchionne told reporters at an auto industry conference in Traverse City, Michigan.
The department could have built a plain-vanilla concrete box girder bridge for an estimated $141 million.
Slimmer margins on plain-vanilla loans leave little room for errors in mortgage processing, data and documentation.
Byline: In a world full of plain-vanilla funds, many regional asset managers are looking to set their offerings apart.
Every project we started was intended to give our plain-vanilla rancher the character of an older home.
Those clients, and estate planners with delayed-effective-date, plain-vanilla annuities, need to complete their transactions in the next few months, to obtain the tax benefits under the old rules.
For 2005, Springfield is introducing a wide-body version of its plain-vanilla GI pistol with a large-capacity magazine.
Unlike plain-vanilla CRM or sales automation tools that focused on sales and maximizing the quantity of client relationships, the Pareto System focused him on the quality of his relationships - helping him to identify, nurture, and improve the quality of service to clients most likely to bring in the highest revenue and best referrals.
Inaccurate detail in the artwork and the plain-vanilla dialogue can only mean one thing: The cartoonist has become complacent.