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or plain-clothes  (plān′klōz′, -klōthz′)
Wearing civilian clothes while on duty to avoid being identified as police or security: a plainclothes detective.
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Then she faced about and sat still while the Rubberneck auto stopped at the flash of the badge under the coat of the plainclothes man.
You'll come with us, please," announced the plainclothes man.
Under Operation Shishtachar, women police officers dressed in plainclothes will be posted at busy places like markets, Metro stations, cinema halls and buses to keep a tab on men.
Allegedly, the two individuals identified themselves as plainclothes New York City police officers, pulled Mr.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- A plainclothes police officer was shot to death in ystanbul's Beyoy-lu district on Wednesday.
Yet, unbeknown to him, he had preyed on a plainclothes officer who immediately called for back-up.
by Haroon Rahimi on 14 May, 2014 - 15:37 KHOST CITY (Pajhwok): Residents say the number of plainclothes gunmen has increased in this capital city of southeastern Khost province, creating panic among them.
It would be plainclothes vs plainclothes as we also won't don on any uniform ourselves", said he breathing fire against the extra-judicial arrests of MQM workers at a massive protest rally staged here.
Published -- Tuesday 18 February 2014RABAT: Plainclothes Moroccan police violently broke up a peaceful pro-independence protest in the Western Sahara city of Lyoune after a visit by a British MP, a prominent Moroccan rights group said Monday.
Padraig Mullan is appealing a two-month prison sentence after supporters and plainclothes police clashed before the Champions League match against Ajax.
An Asian man who was allegedly looking after the sale of the counterfeit products was arrested after a policeman in plainclothes posed as a buyer in a sting operation following a tipoff.
As protesters marched down a central street on Apr 5, they encountered the security forces and plainclothes government supporters, and witnesses said military helicopters flew over the demonstration as the violence broke out.