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or plain-clothes  (plān′klōz′, -klōthz′)
Wearing civilian clothes while on duty to avoid being identified as police or security: a plainclothes detective.
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Then she faced about and sat still while the Rubberneck auto stopped at the flash of the badge under the coat of the plainclothes man.
You'll come with us, please," announced the plainclothes man.
Gui was taken away on Saturday by plainclothes police, Angela Gui told Radio Sweden, adding she is concerned for the safety of her father who was released from Chinese custody in October.
The wireless sets of police in uniform and plainclothes were another source of gathering real-time information about the proceedings of the rally.
DIG admitted that the ACLC personnel were in plainclothes at the time of incident.
KARACHI -- Personnel in plainclothes along with policemen in uniform picked up on Thursday a student of the University of Karachi (KU) and his younger brother from their house in District East.
Plainclothes deputies from the Madison County Sheriff's Department (MCSD) jumped out.
As soon as he sat in his car after leaving his office on Tuesday, plainclothes personnel took him away with them in a SUV.
Police in uniform and plainclothes were deployed on the routes of the processions while streetlights were also installed to illuminate the routes of the processions.
Batchar said three soldiers from the 67th Infantry Battalion were in plainclothes when they went to the village and encountered four men with guns.
Fundamentals of Physical Surveillance: A Guide for Uniformed and Plainclothes Personnel, 3rd Edition
MARDyN (CyHAN)- Two police offers were killed and 35 people, including two plainclothes policemen and their family members, were injured when Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) terrorists launched a bomb attack with a bomb-laden vehicle on a regional riot police station in the southeastern Turkish province of Mardin's Nusaybin district.