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also plain text  (plān′tĕkst′)
The unencrypted form of an encrypted message. Also called cleartext.



the intelligible original message of a cryptogram, as opposed to the coded or enciphered version.
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Instead, the site contains a message in plaintext that reads, "Taken down.
remote call buttons, 21 pc plaintext scoreboard, double sided, 200 st.
Next, the values of all pixels in the plaintext image are summed as the controlling parameter c.
plaintext into ciphertext), is essential to keeping PHI secure in the healthcare industry.
But as pointed out in a GitHub Issues post about the source code, the current version of Send also transmits the shared file's SHA256 hash in plaintext, which could be used to identify the file.
Although the attack allows for the interception of password hashes (a cipher-alphabetic interpretation of a plaintext password after it has been processed by a specific obfuscation algorithm), the hashes could be deciphered into passwords, since the algorithms are known or used in pass-the-hash attacks.
The AES cipher is stated as a number of repetitions of transformation rounds that convert the input plaintext into the final output of cipher text.
It's important to note that Gmail emails are stored as plaintext on Google's servers, without any encryption.
RSA computations can be mathematically proofed by forward substitution of the encryption process of plaintext message M to get the ciphered message C and then by backward substitution of Ciphertext C to get back the plaintext message M as shown in the figure 2 below.
Do note that at this stage very little is known if the user data contains plaintext email IDs or if user data is indeed hashed.
This simply means that neither WhatsApp nor even its parent company Facebook can access their users' contents in plaintext, making it impossible for DoJ as well to read or eavesdrop, even with a court's wiretap order.
It also notes that end-to-end encryption is impractical for companies who offer services that requires access to plaintext data.