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 (plāt, plăt)
1. A braid, especially of hair.
2. A pleat.
tr.v. plait·ed, plait·ing, plaits
1. To braid.
2. To pleat.
3. To make by braiding.

[Middle English pleit, fold, braid, possibly from pleiten, to fold, braid, alteration (influenced by Old French pleit, fold) of Old French plier, pleiir, from Latin plicāre, to fold; see plek- in Indo-European roots.]

plait′er n.


(Crafts) a person who plaits something such as wool, hair, or threads
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Noun1.plaiter - someone who plaits (hair or fabric etc.)
skilled worker, skilled workman, trained worker - a worker who has acquired special skills
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The earlier edition focuses specifically on the experiences of five women who hold different professions: midwife, hair plaiter, faith healer, zar leader and a market woman.
The main team is made up of Simon Craifer and Steve Plaiter, who is on his way to Yamaha from Kawasaki following James Haydon's decision to leave Yamaha and join Carl Fogarty's new race team at Petronas.