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 (plāt, plăt)
1. A braid, especially of hair.
2. A pleat.
tr.v. plait·ed, plait·ing, plaits
1. To braid.
2. To pleat.
3. To make by braiding.

[Middle English pleit, fold, braid, possibly from pleiten, to fold, braid, alteration (influenced by Old French pleit, fold) of Old French plier, pleiir, from Latin plicāre, to fold; see plek- in Indo-European roots.]

plait′er n.


(ˈpleɪ tɪŋ, ˈplæt ɪŋ)

1. anything that is braided or pleated.
2. plaits collectively.
References in classic literature ?
They sat about the house most of the day as if it were Sunday; greasing their boots, mending their suspenders, plaiting whiplashes.
Tinor began to inspect her rolls of tappa, or employed her busy fingers in plaiting grass-mats.
A girl of fifteen, perhaps, was plaiting pandanus-leaf to make a hat, and an old woman was sitting on her haunches smoking a pipe.
Demsan started manufacturing with precision plaiting machine in 1978 and now, by exporting to many countries with wide product portfolio.
Celebrities, bloggers and stylists have all been snapped rocking the look and the beauty world has gone mad for the various styles of plaiting that can be easily recreated at home.
I had a lot of fun cooking them, though to be honest my dough was a tad on the dry side, which made plaiting slightly more troublesome than it should have been.
Blow dry hair upside down, creating a slight flick at the ends, as this will help when plaiting the hair, then gently brush through.
There will be master classes by the craftsmen, such as floor mat plaiting, plaiting of caddice for kerege, embroidery of quilted felt, embroidery, rope spinning, thread twisting, carpet weaving, silver threads, whip weaving, throwing wheel; besides, national way of life, traditions and customs of the Kazakhs will be shown.