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 (plā′nər, -när′)
1. Of, relating to, or situated in a plane.
2. Flat: a planar surface.
3. Having a two-dimensional characteristic.

[Late Latin plānāris, flat, from Latin plānus; see plain.]

pla·nar′i·ty (plā-năr′ĭ-tē) n.


1. (Mathematics) of or relating to a plane
2. (Mathematics) lying in one plane; flat
[C19: from Late Latin plānāris on level ground, from Latin plānus flat]
planarity n


(ˈpleɪ nər)

1. of or pertaining to a geometric plane.
2. flat or level.
[1840–50; < Late Latin]
pla•nar•i•ty (pləˈnɛər ɪ ti) n.
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Adj.1.planar - involving two dimensionsplanar - involving two dimensions    
cubic, three-dimensional - having three dimensions
linear, one-dimensional - of or in or along or relating to a line; involving a single dimension; "a linear measurement"


Having no irregularities, roughness, or indentations:


[ˈpleɪnəʳ] adjplanare
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Calibre YieldEnhancer with SmartFill helps designers meet planarity and density requirements, and minimize post-fill timing changes, by intelligently and automatically filling designs with the optimum distribution and placement of fill shapes.
The main expected improvements are: 1) the reduced number of apertures with respect to architectures based on conventional reflectors; 2) the planarity of the panels with benefits in terms of accommodation and deployment; 3) minimized crosspolarized components.
One manufacturer told me of their NBT (see above), still in development (see also references to Area 51 above), which will, it is rumored, secure the holy grail combining analog flying probe testing with boundary scan, laser checking of polarity and planarity (a proxy for AOI), bottom-side ICT, and LED checking (color and intensity) all in one compact system.
Some of these were special builds with 2+ metre seal lengths;* Leak sealing operations on 10,000 psi rated leaking wellheads in Iraq were successfully completed; 660 by 5t Unique Seaflex modules on swamp pull of 2,300 m of 3-pipe bundle at the Soyo LNG Project, Angola * 18-inch class 900 subsea hydrocarbon leak sealing at a depth of 75 metres in Malaysia;* Flange and tube sheet machining of 8 amine regeneration reboilers in Kazakhstan including planarity check and In--situ machining of heat exchanger gasket seating area of tubesheet (front and back side) channel flange and shell flange;* Design, manufacture and successful testing of extended mechanical seal plugs to replace defective section of the 8-inch oil riser at OCCP platform.
Refreshing the rote problematic of the flat canvas, Atassi's painted graphic environments, which are clearly influenced by computer-generated schematics, confront the planarity of screen-based virtual realities.
Some specific topics are connectivity, planarity, Hamiltonian paths and cycles, matching theory, digraphs, networks, and adaptive network structures for data/text pattern recognition theory.
Its increased top and backside smoothness enhance the vinyl film glossiness while its backside moisture barrier ensures outstanding planarity for faultless performance during printing.
Very recently, the question of planarity has been analyzed in a wider setting of random subgraphs of a given graph by Frieze and Krivelevich.
In addition to that new features have been implemented including linearity and planarity constraints together with lens distortion identification.
High stiffness for good web planarity and pouch stand-ability.
There is provided a polishing pad which can make planarity improvement and scratch decrease compatible.