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Noun1.plane seat - a seat on a commercial airlinerplane seat - a seat on a commercial airliner  
airliner - a commercial airplane that carries passengers
seat - any support where you can sit (especially the part of a chair or bench etc. on which you sit); "he dusted off the seat before sitting down"
seat belt, seatbelt - a safety belt used in a car or plane to hold you in your seat in case of an accident
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And, says the agency, making car seats mandatory (which means a plane seat would have to be bought) would increase families' travel costs so much that many would drive instead with a greater chance of injury on the roads than in the air.
Premier League, tonight, kick-off 8pm FULHAM'S World Cup wannabes have been told to book a plane seat to Brazil by delivering the Premier League goods.
She said: "I wouldn't have been able to fit in the plane seat before.
10 Which singer songwriter played bass on Buddy Holly's final tour, giving up his plane seat to the Big Bopper on the night Holly died?
And with almost every plane seat sold out, some Scots fans accused the airline of cashing-in.
The 30-year-old fugitive had been booked on a flight out of Moscow but a photo of his empty plane seat emerged.
The 30-year-old fugitive had been booked to leave Moscow but a photo of his empty plane seat emerged.
At 5ft 6in tall, Mandy decided to slim after holiday humiliation when she had trouble fitting into a plane seat.
A bunch of Leinster frontliners - Brian O'Driscoll, Jonny Sexton, Cian Healy, Sean O'Brien, Jamie Heaslip, Rob Kearney, Mike Ross and a possible bolter in Ian Madigan among them - have varying claims on a plane seat.
Two unidentified male corpses were discovered yesterday in the ocean and a plane seat and a suitcase containing a ticket for the flight was also found floating at sea about 400 miles north-east of Brazil's coastline.
And Paul, 31, of Carrickfergus, Northern Ireland, said he will use his pounds 2000 prize to go on holiday after shedding enough weight to allow him to fit in a plane seat.
A holiday to Florida was also disastrous as Katey could barely wedge her then Size 28 bulk into a plane seat.