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Adj.1.plane-polarized - (of a moving wave) vibrating in a single plane; "plane-polarized light"
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That is because the important sections of Planck's derivation, namely [section] 35-37 make use of plane-polarized light.
They predicted that enantiomers characterized by the so-called rotational chirality will rotate the plane-polarized light, i.
The mineral is yellow-brown in plane-polarized transmitted light, isotropic with no pleochroism, and n [much greater than] 1.
This effect is called plane-polarized light or double refraction.
By contrast, 10 percent are plane-polarized, slicing through space like knives.
where the birefringence ([Delta]N) is equal to R[Lambda]/d, d is the thickness of the birefringent medium, [Lambda] is the wavelength of the monochromatic light used and R is the relative retardation of the two plane-polarized components of the monochromatic light emerging from the birefringent medium.
The researchers found that the pure right- and left-handed versions of the rugbyball dramatically rotated the direction of plane-polarized light rays.
Polished thin-sections perpendicular to the elongated direction of the crystals were first examined in plane-polarized and cross-polarized light.
He sorted the two types of crystals with hand tweezers, dissolved them in separate flasks, and found that when he shone rays of plane-polarized light through each solution, one solution rotated the light plane toward the right and the other rotated it an equal angle to the left.