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1. One that planes, especially a machine tool that is used to smooth or finish the surfaces of wood or metal.
2. Printing A smooth block of wood used to level a form of type.


1. (Mechanical Engineering) a machine with a cutting tool that makes repeated horizontal strokes across the surface of a workpiece: used to cut flat surfaces into metal
2. (Mechanical Engineering) a machine for planing wood, esp one in which the cutting blades are mounted on a rotating drum
3. (Printing, Lithography & Bookbinding) printing a flat piece of wood used to level type in a chase
4. any person or thing that planes


(ˈpleɪ nər)

a machine for removing the rough or excess surface from a board.
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Noun1.planer - a power tool for smoothing or shaping woodplaner - a power tool for smoothing or shaping wood
power tool - a tool driven by a motor
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You'll often see planers used on offshore charter boats not only because they catch what's lurking below, but because they're simple to use, inexpensive and basically unbreakable.
Dependable, yet often overlooked, machines such as shapers, jointers and planers are among the workhorses of the woodshop.
Well Established Party & Tent Rental business with a long term loyal clientele, consistent repeat business though party/event/wedding planers and other entertainment professionals.
Newman says the EQ3 Planer pre-surfaces boards, providing an improved divided cut over existing self-centering, opposed cut planers.
A planetary gearbox generates the high torque required by cold planers, and maintenance is a breeze with an easy-open access door for maintenance of the 89 picks on the drum.
The Planer Truth: A Brief History & Guide To Servicing Vintage Single Surface Roll Feed Planers (1850-1950)" by Dana Martin Batory is a 160-page compendium of illustrations and information drawn from diverse out-of-print texts and manuals, combined with expert commentary based upon 'hands-on' experience by the author and provide readers with a succinct historical overview of this machine beginning with its invention in 1828.
The articles, illustrated with numerous color photographs, are grouped into sections on milling wood, tablesaws, jointers and planers, bandsaws, shapers, drill presses, and maintenance and safety.
Both bench top and hand planers shave off wooden materials that need to be sized, flattened, or straightened.
For the first 700 million years of their existence, the moon and Earth and the other rocky planers took a beating.
Instead, the pungent clean scent of red cedar permeates the building that houses planers and stacks of neatly trimmed and planed lumber.
In total, 19 items were recovered during the raid on Saturday, May 7, including a jigsaw, electric planers and a grinder.
Behind the richly decorated foyer and in view of the busy boulevard stand two benches covered with clamps, scrapers, planers, bending irons and an army of small cutting tools.