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1. A member of the professional staff of a planetarium.
2. An inhabitant of a planet.

plan′e·tar′i·an adj.
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Tomain, supra note 19, at 1134 (quoting Sarah Krakoff, Planetarian Identity Formation and the Relocalization of Environmental Law, 64 Fla.
Pratt, "Yet Another Eclipse for Herod," The Planetarian 19, no.
Perhaps, too, this is what Heller means when she refers to a contemporary ethics as the 'consciousness of reflected generality', in which our 'here and now' is no longer identified only with humankind in its here and now, but also with what she terms planetarian consciousness, in which responsibility by us in the recognition of our foibles is at its core.
Their old movemental character was kept, but it was shifted to handle the political and societal system in such a manner that the old planetarian context was substituted for the movemental character of societal progress and transformative political unity.
com) is an associate editor of Planetarian, the journal of the International Planetarium Society.
As a virtual planetarian, I don't use a pointer during my tours; a mouse moves a cursor across the sky.
This article is an update of earlier versions that appeared in the Planetarian (December 1993) and Griffith Observer (July 1996).
Allen, from the Dayton Museum of Natural History, warned readers of The Planetarian that planetariums across the country would probably face a more intense barrage of alignment inquiries by the time a five-planet line-up in Aries, the Ram, with the Sun and the two-day-old waxing crescent Moon takes over the daytime sky on May 5, A.
In July he was awarded the International Planetarium Society's Service Award for his work as editor of its journal, The Planetarian.
Nearly 100 countries have already established "national nodes" to coordinate planning among amateurs, professionals, educators, planetarians, and others interested in promoting astronomy during 2009.
If we, as computer professionals, and our fellow countrymen and planetarians are unable to rely on individual responsibility from each other, we are destined to face a bleak and frightful forecast for the future.
Teresa Grafton, who recently retired as the facility's education officer, explained as much in a posting to the Dome-L mailing list, an online watering hole for planetarians.