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plan′e·toi′dal (-toid′l) adj.


(Celestial Objects) another name for asteroid1
ˌplaneˈtoidal adj


(ˈæs təˌrɔɪd)

1. any of the thousands of small, solid bodies that revolve about the sun in orbits largely between Mars and Jupiter.
2. starlike.
[1795–1805; < Greek asteroeidḗs starry, starlike. See aster, -oid]
as`ter•oi′dal, adj.


Astronomy. any of thousands of small celestial bodies that revolve about the sun in orbits chiefly between those of Mars and Jupiter ranging in diameter from one mile to 480 miles. Also called asteroids, minor planets. — planetoidal, adj.
See also: Planets
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Noun1.planetoid - any of numerous small celestial bodies that move around the sunplanetoid - any of numerous small celestial bodies that move around the sun
asteroid - any of numerous small celestial bodies composed of rock and metal that move around the sun (mainly between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter)
celestial body, heavenly body - natural objects visible in the sky
KBO, Kuiper belt object - any of many minor planets in the Kuiper belt outside the orbit of Neptune at the edge of the solar system
solar system - the sun with the celestial bodies that revolve around it in its gravitational field


n (Astron) → Planetoid m
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The BHA has pledged to hold a probe, just as they did when McCoy deputised for Mattie Batchelor stricken with a puncture (and no spare) just outside Wincanton when Best's Planetoid landed a punt at Newton Abbot in June last year.
Music Gaddamn Draculas, Planetoid, Pale Nephews, 9 p.
The crew of an intergalactic space tug intercept an SOS call from an alien planetoid but when they check it out one of them is attacked by an organism that attaches to his face.
Astronomers spotted icy rings encircling the planetoid Chariklo, a 250-kilometerwide hunk of ice and rock that orbits the sun between Saturn and Uranus.
Seismic data indicate that the western and eastern hemispheres of Earth's inner core differ, and this has led some to suggest that the core was once subjected to an impulse - presumably from the collision of a space rock or planetoid which shook the whole Earth.
Texlahoma is a mythic world we created in which to set many of our stories," explains Andy of the planetoid he and his friends have imagined.
The potentially well-treated Planetoid appears to need a much faster surface, while stablemate On The Feather may find a mark of 91 beyond him.
Along with Amy and Rory, he's dispatched to a planetoid asylum where "a tsunami of insane Daleks" lies in wait - barely dormant, itching to kill.
In contrast, the United States has fielded scores of more economical robotic spaceflight missions, including orbiters and probes of the moon, sun, various asteroids and comets, all of the major planets in our solar system (even including a mission to the planetoid Pluto, expected to arrive in 2015), and beyond; moreover, it has established a complex Global Positioning System, an impressive array of sophisticated space telescopes, and more.
Betfred Cesarewitch - sponsors bet: 10 Tuscan Gold, 11 Veiled, 12 Fox Hunt, Keys, Rainforest Magic, Tactician, 14 Mount Athos, 16 Activate, Apache, Beyond, Big Occasion, Bothy, Colour Vision, Donnas Palm, Ile De Re, Petara Bay, Whiplash Willie, 20 Aaim To Prosper, Bollin Judith, Buy Back Bob, Darley Sun, Dazinski, Kazbow, La Vecchia Scuola, Mamlook, Mystery Star, Pateese, Regent Street, Swingkeel, 25 Admiral Of The Red, Ajaan, Ashbrittle, Bernie The Bolt, Diamond Boy, Ermyn Lodge, Gifted Leader, Hawk Mountain, Hollins, Long Live The King, Manifestation, Mountain Hiker, Never Can Tell, Ocean's Minstrel, Palomar, Planetoid, Plato, Plymouth Rock, Sentry Duty, Tasheba, 33 bar.
Thanks to the analysis of moon rocks that were brought back by the Apollo missions, planetary scientists are pretty sure that our satellite was born billions of years ago when a Mars-size planetoid smashed into the young Earth.
The planetoid Sedna, named for the goddess featured prominently in the book issuing warnings about global warming, is one of the coldest bodies in the Solar System.