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(Aeronautics) the outline or silhouette of an object, esp an aircraft, as seen from above



the outline of an object viewed from above.
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Therefore, this project envisions to mitigate the required energy (and thus fuel consumption) to maintain the aircraft s flight and to perform the necessary flight maneuvers by offering the capacity to mold the exterior of the aircraft in order to enhance the necessary aspect of flight so as to lessen the required energy, such as lift over drag ratio, efficiency in aerodynamic control, lower stall velocity or to change to a better planform to perform a required maneuver.
Non-invasive field survey of extant features at logistics depots has focused on the location, planform morphology and relief of earthworks on the forest floor; features were classified according to the typology developed by Passmore et al.
20) The technology options it studied included the C-17s, C-130s, and CH-47s of the "baseline fleet," a conventional takeoff and landing (CTOL) turboprop-powered aircraft, a CTOL turbofan-powered aircraft, a short takeoff and landing (STOL)-capable turboprop, a STOL turbofan-powered aircraft of planform design, a VTOL tiltrotor, and a VTOL hybrid airship.
Avulsion Threshold and Planform Dynamics of the Kosi River in North Bihar (India) and Nepal: A GIS Framework.
Even after having been hit by two missiles, the distinctive planform of a MiG-21 was evident--albeit burning from mid-fuselage aft--passed down the left side of Fox's Hornet.
The Sabre began life as a straight-wing design which was produced (for the Navy) as the FJ-1 Fury, a tubby (if still somewhat attractive) airplane of clearly subsonic planform and performance.
Figure lc and d displays a side view and a planform of the gate region, respectively.
Roberts, Planform evolution in convection--an embedded centre manifold, J.
This paper explores the application of a robust Multi-Objective Evolutionary Algorithm (MOEA) for the design and optimisation of aerofoil sections and wing planform of UAVs and UCAVs.
The assemblage represents the alluvial plain of a seasonal dryland traversed by suites of narrow channels that probably had an anastomosing planform (Rygel 2005), as indicated by multiple, narrow channels at similar levels connected by sheet sandstones ("ribbon tiers" of Kraus and Wells 1999).