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 (plə-nĭm′ĭ-tər, plā-)
An instrument that measures the area of a plane figure as a mechanically coupled pointer traverses the perimeter of the figure.

pla′ni·met′ric (plā′nə-mĕt′rĭk), pla′ni·met′ri·cal (-rĭ-kəl) adj.
pla·nim′e·try n.
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Hematoma volumes of spontaneous intracerebral hemorrhage: The ellipse (ABC/2) method yielded volumes smaller than those measured using the planimetric method.
As part of the reform of the "declaration of works" (dt) and "declaration of intent to start work" (dict), Metropolitan rouen normandy needs to create a basemap for the exchange of data format simplified street plan (pcrs) with absolute planimetric accuracy of 10 cm.
Figure 4 shows the planimetric and altimetric precision by session at the test points.
Conges, in his planimetric reconstruction of the Augustan forum (Fig.
3] Brain ventricles can be studied by taking linear, planimetric or volumetric measurements, out of which linear ratios are probably the most conveniently made and the consistent ones.
This satellite provided a valuable first planimetric view of all areas of the continent except for the high latitude region from 80[degrees]S to 90[degrees]S, which was not covered by the satellite orbit.
The fundus images of 3,038 cases were assessed by planimetric measurements using 45[degrees] photographs.
These high-resolution images are accurately georeferenced and provided in geographic information system (GIS) compatible formats to produce detailed base mapping, image classification, and planimetric measurements.
The cartographic elements adopted for the map elaboration follow guidelines from the Brazilian Geodesic System, making use of the planimetric datum of Alegre Stream, which uses the Hayford ellipsoid, with projection in degrees, minutes and seconds in relation to the 23 Time Zone and the altimetry data of Imbituba Marigraph.
Planimetric rectangles in the field of the matrix allocate data which are elements of submatrixes of patches of piecewise approximation of the surface [F.
Leaf area was measured by using planimetric techniques on leaves developed after the onset of the water- stress treatment.