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 (plə-nĭm′ĭ-tər, plā-)
An instrument that measures the area of a plane figure as a mechanically coupled pointer traverses the perimeter of the figure.

pla′ni·met′ric (plā′nə-mĕt′rĭk), pla′ni·met′ri·cal (-rĭ-kəl) adj.
pla·nim′e·try n.
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Develop and populate geodatabase for planimetric features consistent with
The EMAS standard (ASCE 1983), for instance, assumes a test for detecting systematic errors based on determining a statistical value for each planimetric component and validating it using Student's t-test.
The area contained within the outline was automatically calculated by the ultrasound planimetric software.
Consequently, there were requirements such as: while performing cadastral measurement of land plot borders at least two landmarks of the adjacent land plot had to be related to national geodesic network or (in the cities, towns, built-up territory in the village) with the local geodesic network which is connected to the national network (LKS-94); Relation to be made by planimetric networks, maximum length of related line for agricultural and forestry land plots--5 km; performing cadastral measurements of land plots by close circle corresponding to the perimeter of the land lot, permissible nonrelation of angles l'[square root of n], relative deviation of the circle not higher than 1/N [less than or equal to] 1/3500.
The aerial photography overlaid with Gordon County's planimetric data serves as the base-map foundation for the GIS.
The level of gonadal development was then analyzed quantitatively using the planimetric technique (Heffernan & Walker 1989, Kang et al.
A database was established using this system to incorporate the geospatialized information that was obtained from planimetric and altimetric charts and data that was collected in the field using GPS receivers and orbital images.
The Rio Protocol left some areas undemarcated, including the Cordillera del Condor, where in 1960 planimetric data confirmed the existence of a river, now called the Rio Cenepa, which had not been considered in the 1941 protocol.
One gallery, the so-called Room of Maps, featured a large, three-dimensional model and a series of planimetric drawings of the entire exhibition space prominently displayed on the wall.
Fictionality, rhythmicity, planimetric structures, or seriality could also be regarded as possible cases of such transmedial structures (on seriality, see, e.
5-D digital environments can assist with visual interpretation of map and image analysis products by highlighting textural information that is not as easily perceived in a planimetric view of the data (Fig.
This methodology will be based on interval analysis and applied to designing a planimetric curve to highlight real advantages over traditional procedures.