planing machine

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Noun1.Planing machine - a power tool for smoothing or shaping woodplaning machine - a power tool for smoothing or shaping wood
power tool - a tool driven by a motor
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They also purchased the T27 Flex Spindle Moulder, T45 Contour Planing machine and the T54 Surface Planer.
It is developed on the basis of a technologically outdated industrial planing machine, which was redesigned for the purpose of the technological project "Intelligent Monitoring of a Machine Tool Main Spindle".
The theoretical surface waviness, f after the planing machine is described by the formula (Staniszewska and Zakrzewski 1997):
RIGHT: Inside Harrison's workshop Bernie Harrison is using a Wadkin over and under planing machine, installed in 1924.
He was employed at the hurdle and fencing works of Messers Miller, Miller Lane, and while attending to a planing machine found it necessary to tighten a driving band.