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Noun1.plant department - the division of a business responsible for building and maintaining the physical plant
business department - a division of a business firm
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Contract awarded for 1 Treatment Plant Department jongchim scum skimmers electrical installation work
He is due to complete his apprenticeship in September, and will move onto the next phase of Banks Mining's plant department training matrix, which will enable him to improve his skills base and take on more responsibility.
We are working closely with the University of Sharjah's Physical Plant Department to fine tune the service and are looking forward to building a long lasting relationship.
ShK Amin is a researcher in the Chemical Engineering and Pilot Plant Department, National Research Center (NRC), Dokki, Giza, Egypt.
You can visit any plant department in the spring and be pointed in the direction of (for example) a Star Magnolia in full bloom.
Over the next two years he will also receive on-the-job training in servicing and repairs and will have dedicated mentors to help him from the company's plant department in Rugby.
The municipality said the Sewage Water Treatment Plant Department had almost completed the designing of the second stage.
We have a new sewage plant in Jebel Ali and most of the load has been diverted there," said Mohammad Najm, Director of the Sewage Treatment Plant Department at Dubai Municipality.
These include the Offices of Student Affairs, Information and Public Relations, and Protection; Facilities Planning and Design Unit; Physical Plant Department and AUBMC Plant Engineering.
Alcoa's Western Mining Group was also recognised at the awards ceremony for a bearing lifting jig developed by employees from Mining's fixed plant department.
This isn't true," argued Dr Guizeen El-Diwany, head of NRC's chemical engineering and pilot plant department.
While under his leadership, the Physical Plant Department won the APPA Award of Excellence in Facilities Management (2004), Greater Memphis Association for Quality: Pyramid of Excellence (2004), Tennessee Center for Performance Excellence Achievement Award (2004), and the Memphis City Beautiful Commission: Beautiful Business Award, Hall of Fame (2001-2003).