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1. Botany
a. Any of various photosynthetic, eukaryotic, multicellular organisms of the kingdom Plantae characteristically containing chloroplasts, having cell walls made of cellulose, producing embryos, and lacking the power of locomotion. Plants include trees, bushes, herbs, ferns, mosses, and certain green algae.
b. A plant having no permanent woody stem; an herb.
c. Any of various fungi, algae, or protists that resemble plants and were formerly classified in the plant kingdom. Not in scientific use.
a. A building or group of buildings for the manufacture of a product; a factory: works in an auto plant.
b. The buildings, fixtures, and equipment, including machinery, tools, and instruments, necessary for an industrial operation or an institution: the university's mechanical plant.
3. A person or thing put into place in order to mislead or function secretly, especially:
a. A person placed in a group of spectators to influence behavior.
b. A person stationed in a given location as a spy or observer.
c. A misleading piece of evidence placed so as to be discovered.
d. A remark or action in a play or narrative that becomes important later.
4. Slang A scheming trick; a swindle.
tr.v. plant·ed, plant·ing, plants
a. To place or set (seeds, for example) in the ground to grow.
b. To place seeds or young plants in (land); sow: plant a field in corn.
a. To place (spawn or young fish) in water or an underwater bed for cultivation: plant oysters.
b. To stock with spawn or fish.
3. To introduce (an animal) into an area.
a. To place or fix in a certain position: planted both feet on the ground; planted a kiss on my cheek.
b. To deliver (a punch or blow).
c. To fix firmly in the mind; implant: "The right of revolution is planted in the heart of man" (Clarence Darrow).
5. To establish; found: plant a colony.
a. To station (a person) for the purpose of functioning in secret, as by observing, spying, or influencing behavior: Detectives were planted all over the store.
b. To place secretly or deceptively so as to be discovered or made public: planted a gun on the corpse to make the death look like suicide.
7. To conceal; hide: planted the stolen goods in the warehouse.

[Middle English plante, from Old English and Old French, both from Latin planta, sprout, seedling; see plat- in Indo-European roots.]

plant′a·ble adj.
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You can even find plantable decorations made of wildflower seeds wrapped up in biodegradable paper.
Ditto for the "home and garden" line, which includes various sizes of self-feeding plantable pots and self-feeding sleeves that are made of PLA and a protein nutrient additive.
PS18, THX Total Hair Experts at Tesco Plantable seed paper that will grow into flowers.
The three tracts on the western (Collier County) side are 70 percent plantable, with a 7.
Construction of one road bridge and two pedestrian bridges in reinforced concrete,2 retaining walls, gabion walls 2, 2 sedimentation tanks, 1 plantable noise barrier as well as earthwork and road construction, including a go-Cycle Route
Eden's Paper is a plantable wrapping paper, so now, instead of throwing the paper in the bin, you can plant it to grow vegetables, fruits and herbs and flowers.
Bonnie provides a wide variety of vegetables and herbs in biodegradable, plantable pots saving more than a hundred million plastic pots from landfills each year.
Nearly every plantable space in the Napa Valley has a vineyard on it now, and new hotels are sprouting up in every city and town.
uk or 0844 557 0280) For novelty value, put a superhero comic book with a twist under the tree - inside the comic book jacket are two sheets of handmade recycled plantable seed paper filled with mixed herb seeds ready to sow.
Not only did Pangea create the organic skin-care category, it also was the first company to make compostable, plantable packaging embedded with seeds.