plantar reflex

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Noun1.plantar reflex - flexion of the toes when the sole of the foot is stroked firmly on the outer side from the heel to the front in persons over the age of 2 years; under 2 years the results should be extension of the toes (Babinski reflex)
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and lower limb flexors distal weakness in peripheral predominantly affected neuropathies Decreased or absent abdominal Abdominal reflexes present reflexes Extensor plantar reflex Flexing plantar reflexes (Babinski sign) Clonus at ankle and patella Raised creatine kinase level in muscular diseases Flexor withdrawal reflex Abnormal electromyograph
She had full strength, brisk reflexes in all extremities, downgoing toes on plantar reflex testing, normal cerebellar test results, a steady gait, and normal sensation in her back, supraclavicular area, and elsewhere.
On the Cutaneous Plantar Reflex in Certain Organic Diseases