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A young or small plant.


(Botany) a small, undeveloped plant


(ˈplænt lɪt, ˈplɑnt-)

a little plant.
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Noun1.plantlet - a young plant or a small plant
plant life, flora, plant - (botany) a living organism lacking the power of locomotion


nPflänzchen nt
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Tenders are invited for Procurement of tissue culture bamboo plantlet for gadhinglaj range of kolhapur district
Cotyledons act as nutritional reserves which will maintain the embryo until its development into plantlet, which becomes autotrophic (LEDO et al.
The LICC is a model facility for farmer training, demonstrations and trials, plantlet production, and sludge composting, with a station for buying coffee beans from farmers.
Therefore, there is a need for such a protocol that does not require plantlet regeneration through somatic embryogenesis and the best option to this is direct transformation of commercial germplasm through shoot t ip/ apices culture.
3] used either alone or in combination were evaluated for their effect on plantlet regenerative capacity, multiple plantlet production, shoot height, average leaf number per shoot and average node number per shoot at ten weeks after meristem culture.
After in vitro propagation, different systems are used in plantlet acclimatization (Deb and Imchen, 2010), a critical micropropagation phase which represents a limiting factor for its success (Chandra et al.
intermedia plantlets were propagated in vitro and reintroduced to the edges and interior of forest fragments to determine if there are differences in plantlet establishment under different climatic conditions (Endres Junior et al.
turcica has been reported for multiple shoot induction and plantlet regeneration from the seeds of T.
Each replicate consisted of one explant or plantlet.