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adj, plashier or plashiest
1. wet or marshy
2. splashing or splashy


(ˈplæʃ i)

adj. plash•i•er, plash•i•est.
marshy; wet.
References in classic literature ?
But he leaped across the plashy places, thrust himself through the clinging underbush, climbed the ascent, plunged into the hollow, and overcame, in short, all the difficulties of the track, with an unweariable activity that astonished him.
Just at this moment a plashy tramp by the side of the bridge caught the sensitive ear of Ichabod.
Down the steep, plashy path they poured all together, the Bhagat and his brothers, down and down till the deer's feet clicked and stumbled on the wall of a threshing-floor, and he snorted because he smelt Man.