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n. also plasm (plăz′əm)
a. The clear, yellowish fluid portion of blood, lymph, or intramuscular fluid in which cells are suspended. It differs from serum in that it contains fibrin and other soluble clotting elements.
b. Blood plasma, especially when sterilized and depleted of cells for transfusion.
2. Protoplasm or cytoplasm.
3. The fluid portion of milk from which the curd has been separated by coagulation; whey.
4. Physics An electrically neutral, highly ionized phase of matter composed of ions, electrons, and neutral particles. It is distinct from solids, liquids, and gases.
Of or relating to a flat-panel display used in televisions, made up of an array of tiny cells each containing a gaseous mixture of xenon and neon that is changed into a plasma state to illuminate a phosphor coating on the inside of the cell.

[New Latin, from Late Latin, image, figure, from Greek, from plassein, to mold; see pelə- in Indo-European roots.]

plas·mat′ic (plăz-măt′ĭk), plas′mic (-mĭk) adj.


1. (Biology) protoplasm of a specified type: germ plasm.
2. (Biology) a variant of plasma
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Noun1.plasm - the protoplasm of the germ cells that contains chromosomes and genes
living substance, protoplasm - the substance of a living cell (including cytoplasm and nucleus)
2.plasm - the colorless watery fluid of the blood and lymph that contains no cells, but in which the blood cells (erythrocytes, leukocytes, and thrombocytes) are suspendedplasm - the colorless watery fluid of the blood and lymph that contains no cells, but in which the blood cells (erythrocytes, leukocytes, and thrombocytes) are suspended
ECF, extracellular fluid - liquid containing proteins and electrolytes including the liquid in blood plasma and interstitial fluid; "the body normally has about 15 quarts of extracellular fluid"
plasma protein - any of the proteins in blood plasma
gamma globulin, human gamma globulin - a plasma protein containing the immunoglobulins that are responsible for immune responses


, plasma
nPlasma nt
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And that the germ plasm is different from the parthenogenetic egg?
1996) suggested simultaneous evaluation of germ plasm for drought tolerant and disease resistance genotypes.
Later, in a separate meeting with the members of PARC, the board members were briefed about various technologies, crop lines and germ plasm developed by the council since its establishment.
However, artificial insemination using frozen semen is starting to be implemented in crossbreeding programmes, especially with Boer goat for rapid multiplication of superior male germ plasm.
PLASM, de l'artiste interdisciplinaire et chercheur independant italien TeZ, presente l'une des installations immersives les plus fascinantes de la biennale.
The center introduced the first germ plasm of riverine buffalo and improved the testing of carabao crossbreds.
In October, Bulgaria will send the first samples of seed germ plasm of typical Bulgarian crop varieties to the Global Seed Vault in Norway, also known as the Noah's Ark.
Never seen so many poor people with iPhones and plasm TVs plus they have Sky TV.
He said his Pakistani counterparts are meticulously testing thousands of samples of cotton germ plasm to discover a CLCV resistant cotton seed variety with high-yielding capacity.
Evaluation of a world collection of chickpea germ plasm accessions for resistance to Ascochyta blight.
Plasm Prize: Samsung (PS51D495) 51in HD-ready Plasma 3D TV, Samsung (HT-D5100) 5.
A strong movement afoot, however, now seeks to broaden the genetic diversity of commercial strains by utilizing a largely untapped wild germ plasm collection procured by Dr.