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Noun1.plasmacytoma - neoplasm of plasma cells (usually in bone marrow)
neoplasm, tumor, tumour - an abnormal new mass of tissue that serves no purpose
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The plasma cells may collect in the bone to make small tumours known as plasmacytomas.
Although typically found within the bone marrow, extraosseous myelomatous collections referred to as extramedullary plasmacytomas (EMPs) are rarely found in the head and neck region, gastrointestinal tract, and central nervous system.
Osteolytic lesions, fractures of long bones, vertebral collapse, and plasmacytomas, which directly affect neural tissues, are the most common causes of bone pain.
It is essential for otolaryngologists and head and neck surgeons to be familiar with this entity because total excision and radiation therapy for plasmacytomas can be curative in patients who have no underlying overt plasma cell dyscrasias.
Solitary extramedullary plasmacytomas are plasma cell tumors that tend to develop in mucosa-associated lymphoid tissues including the sinonasal and nasopharyngeal regions and oral mucosa.
Plasmacytomas express CD138 and other plasma cell markers, are variably positive for CD56, and are negative for CD45 and EBV.
Radiotherapy has been shown to be successful for the local control of solitary plasmacytomas [2].
Many of these plasma cells were binucleated with some multinucleated, forming plasmacytomas.
Extramedullary solitary plasmacytomas of the head and neck: A clinicopathological study.
Therefore, whenever symptoms arise in patients with multiple myeloma who are receiving thalidomide, extramedullary plasmacytomas should be considered.
The findings, reported in the July 20 Journal of the National Cancer Institute, confirm that silicone gel injected into the abdomen of certain mice will produce plasmacytomas, or tumors caused by the proliferation of plasma cells in bone and connective tissue.