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[plasma + Greek lemma, husk; see lemma2.]


(ˌplæzməˈlɛmə) or

plasma membrane

(Biology) other names for cell membrane

cell′ mem`brane

the semipermeable membrane enclosing the cytoplasm of a cell.
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Oross & Thomson (1982b) suggested that they are extensive invaginations of the plasmalemma, so the space between them is actually apoplastic.
Signaling between SR and plasmalemma in smooth muscle: sparks and the activation of [Ca.
The membrane reserve serves as morphological basis for the volume homeostasis maintenance of animal cells [1] presented by plasmalemma formations (folds, filopodium, lamelopodium etc.
include binary fission; diplokaryotic nuclei; lack of a parasitophorous vacuole, with the thickened plasmalemma of meronts and sporonts in direct contact with host cytoplasm; and vesiculotubular appendages projecting from the plasmalemma (Figure 2, panel A) (5,23).
Also, there was disorganization of plasmalemma in the basal portion of few seminiferous tubules.
Allelochemicals can affect target species through their interference in respiration, photosynthesis, enzymatic activity, water relations, stomatal aperture, phytohormone levels, and mineral availability in addition to cellular elongation and division, membrane structure and the permeability of the plasmalemma and cell wall (CRUZ-ORTEGA et al.
The blue lightresponsive AthH2 gene of Arabidopsis thaliana is primarily expressed in expanding as well as in differentiating cells and encodes a putative channel protein of the plasmalemma.
Nitrate and ammonium nutrition of plants: Effects on acid/base balance and adaptation of root cell plasmalemma [H.
A large multi-protein complex containing the voltage sensing DHPR in the plasmalemma and RYR1 in the SR membrane are involved in Ca release and influx1, but because the plasmalemma is functionally destroyed in skinned muscle fibres, the CICR test may not detect abnormalities of [Ca.
In darkness, the rod cell plasmalemma is depolarized and the rods secrete neurotransmitters.
Plant peroxidases are found in tonoplast and plasmalemma, inside and outside the cell wall [7] and it occur in the soluble, as well as, ionically bound forms on the cellular walls.
These water-soluble mycotoxins occur in the outer plasmalemma surface and the inner wall layers of conidiospores (Gregory et al.