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 (plăz′mə-fĕr′ĭ-sĭs, -fə-rē′-)
A process in which plasma is taken from donated blood and the remaining components, mostly red blood cells, are returned to the donor.

[plasm(a) + Greek aphairesis, removal; see aphaeresis.]


(Medicine) (in blood transfusion) a technique for removing healthy or infected plasma by separating it from the red blood cells by settling or using a centrifuge and retransfusing the red blood cells into the donor or patient
[C20: from plasm + Greek aphairesis taking away]


(ˌplæz mə fəˈri sɪs)

a type of apheresis in which blood cells are returned to the bloodstream of the donor and the plasma is used, as for transfusion.
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Noun1.plasmapheresis - plasma is separated from whole blood and the rest is returned to the donor
pheresis, apheresis - a procedure in which blood is drawn and separated into its components by dialysis; some are retained and the rest are returned to the donor by transfusion


n plasmaféresis f
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Medical treatment methods include IVIG and plasmapheresis, although TPE was introduced as a possible alternative treatment in 1978 (22), and was shown to offer significant benefit by a randomized trial published in 1985 (23).
Accumulating the material cost, direct labor cost and indirect production cost; the cost of plasma per donor for the extraction service that derivate form the Plasmapheresis process in the Blood Bank of Cienfuegos is $27.
Based on the response in the presented patient, plasmapheresis in addition to IVIg and corticosteroid should be considered a viable alternative treatment option in patients with AIHA that develops during the post-transplant period.
The presence of normal ADAMTS13 activity has implications regarding the use of plasmapheresis and plasma replacement in snakebite associated thrombotic microangiopathy.
This particular patient benefited from a combination of plasmapheresis exchanges and aggressive therapy/nursing care.
Asahi Kasei Kuraray Medical is the world's leading producer of devices and systems for therapeutic apheresis, including the Plasmaflo hollow-fiber separator for plasmapheresis and the Immusorba plasma component absorption column, utilizing its leading technologies of membrane separation and selective absorption.
Our findings in this animal model support and may explain results of Swedo and colleagues in treating children with PANDAS using plasmapheresis or intravenous immunoglobulin (IVIg).
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Among the participants in the single-center study, 12 were treated with rituximab monotherapy, 7 were treated with a combination of rituximab and IV cyclophosphamide (IV-CYC), and 3 patients received plasmapheresis synchronized with IV-CYC and were maintained on rituximab for prolonged B-cell suppression.