plaster saint

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Noun1.plaster saint - a person (considered to be) without human failings; "he's no plaster saint"
good person - a person who is good to other people
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I don't like the way I feel toward them, but the feeling is revelatory: I can't be a plaster saint, even for a four-hour stint in the food pantry.
But Ingrid was no plaster saint, with her marriage on the rocks she had already had an affair with the photographer Robert Capa.
Allen, a white South African journalist and Archbishop Tutu's press officer for nearly 30 years, writes this authorized biography as an insider but he writes about no plaster saint.
The moral of the story is that in turning Kharrazi into a plaster saint, Iran's leadership also absorbed him, robbing him of his distinguishing subversiveness.
The life of a plaster saint rather than a human being, it will satisfy those Catholics who believe that John Paul II set the agenda for Catholicism for the next century and beyond, leaving nothing for future popes, bishops, or laity to do except follow his lead.
But Billy, who with each episode is turning more and more into a plaster saint, only has eyes for Little Mo.
The plaster saint that Drew sculpts here could never have gotten campaign finance reform through Congress, and would be smashed to pieces if he were ever elected president.
A YOU'RE not a plaster saint any more than you are selfish.
We mourn here today not a plaster saint but a real man who not only loved his family and was passionate about sport, but also inspired millions of people.
Mazenod was no plaster saint, no sweet and sickly character dripping easy piety.
I'm sure your son is a plaster saint, at least as far as his mummy is required.
Thankfully, he is not presented as a plaster saint, even though committed to social justice and to the health of the church of Jesus Christ.